The following video shows you how to setup teams, then use those teams to build team commission plans. We also talk about how to setup individual agent deductions that pro-rate based on award allocation.

Team Commission Plan
Step #1: Set up those needed teams in "Brokermint": "Settings" > "Fields" > "Teams";

Step #2: Apply Teams to correct Users:  "Settings" > "Users" > "Edit";

Step #3: Build team commission structures: "Settings" > "Commission templates";

Step #4: Apply Team Tracking to Split: "Split" > "Accrued by" > "team: agent's team";

Prorated Agent Deductions
Step #1: Add deduction to transactions or commission template: "Add Post-split" or "Pre-split" deduction;

Step #2: Apply Award Allocation pro-rate option: "Prorated according to" > "Award Allocation"

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