Connect BoomTown and Brokermint to eliminate double entry and most importantly save your time!

  • Sync leads information, including name, phone, email, etc
  • Push transactions to Brokermint back office
  • Populate commission information from back office to QuickBooks

Integration step by step (5 minute video)

Detailed breakdown of what we covered in the video

Step 1

Login to your Brokermint account and navigate to User > Add-ons page, once there please click on the BoomTown! icon to start the process.

Step 2

Click on the Get Started button to start the process and on the next page click on Connect to establish connection between the systems, enter your BoomTown! credentials and authorize the connection by clicking on the Submit button.

Step 3

Configure integration to start receiving data in Brokermint. There are two options available, synchronization of leads and transactions. You can activate one of them or both at the same time.

Option: Lead Synchronization
Sync schedule:
automatic, every 2 hours
The integration pulls certain contacts from BoomTown! and creates them  in Brokermint. Contacts become public in Brokermint and can be accessed by all users. You can change individual contacts and mark them as private if needed.

Option: Transaction Synchronization, instant sync
Sync schedule:
instant, usually takes up to a minute
The integration pulls selected transaction types from BoomTown! along with contacts associated with these transactions. 

In the Brokermint back office imported transactions and contacts end up listed in Transactions > Incoming transactions section. Incoming transactions are "drafts" that can be manually converted to a transaction by clicking on the Accept button. If transaction imported from BoomTown! is not needed it can be removed from Incoming transactions list by clicking on the Discard button.

Transactions can be automatically assigned to your Brokermint users, in order for the system to automate this step you need to click on assign to link and select correct user that you want to be associated with this transaction. The system remembers your choice and automatically defaults transactions to correct user based on their BoomTown! user id.

This cross-reference table is available on the configuration page, under User > Add-ons > BoomTown! > Configuration. On the right hand side it has BoomTown! user id and then on the left hand side list of your active Brokermint users.

Once setup, the integration imports data and during import notifies corresponding users regarding new Incoming transactions. Users with limited access can see their own Incoming transactions only, administrators with access to all transactions can see all Incoming transactions and can process them on behalf of users.

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