There are 4 core steps to the Brokermint process:

  1. Create a Transaction;
  2. Assign a Checklist;
  3. Upload Documents;
  4. Submit documents for Review;

Once transaction has been created you need to assign appropriate checklist. This is something that your admin has created for you. There will be a place for each document that is needed for the transaction.
In order to assign your checklist you will need to select the +add link under Checklists tab within selected transaction. 

Then you should select the checklist you will need to use for this specific transaction. You can populate the "Listing date/Acceptance date" if you want, if you do not, go ahead and click the Add button.

Once the checklist has been assigned you will see a list of tasks and documents that should to be completed. 

If there are multiple checklists that you need to assign for this transaction you can add additional ones by repeating the process and selecting the +add link under Checklists tab.

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