Connect DocuSign and Brokermint to eliminate double entry and most importantly streamline your document management!

  • Connect your DocuSign account and access e-signature packages;
  • Navigate through e-signature packages and select documents;
  • Single click document download from Docusign to your Brokermint transaction;

Please follow the steps below to activate the DocuSign integration.

Step 1

Login to your Brokermint account and navigate to any transaction, then go to the  Documents tab > Unsorted page.

Step 2

Click the Add document button,  then select Pull from DocuSign

This will initiate the integration process and ask you to login to your DocuSign account.

Step 3

You will be redirected to the  DocuSign to connect to your existing account.

After that DocuSign will ask to accept permission to use your information.

Step 4

Once you connected to your DocuSign account you will be redirected to the same page of Brokermint account. Click the Add document button, then select Pull from DocuSign to be able to select required documents. 

Step 5
Please select a document or multiple documents that you would like to add to your Brokermint transaction. Once downloaded, which typically takes a seconds or two, documents become available in the Documents > Unsorted folder

You can use the Assign to... button on the document level to assign it to your checklist.

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