Brokermint allows you to build your own report by slicing and dicing your back office data the way you need. The jorney begins with selecting a type of your new report: transactions or agents.

Give you opportunity to build a report of your listings, active or closed sales, rentals, commercial deals or any other type of real estate transactions.

Gain insight into your brokerage team efficiency, individual agent or team production, trends, company dollar contribution and many other key performance indicators

Step 1
To build the report you need to go to the Reports tab and click the Add report button to select appropriate type of the report:

Step 2
On the second step you can name your report and add required Filters and Columns from the drop down list by clicking add filter/add column link or delete the ones you do not need by hitting  X. 

Once report is created you will be able to widen it to the full screen or downloading it to your PC by clicking the Export button. You can always make changes to to the filters and columns selected using Configure button.

If you would like to pull a report with a column/filter which is not available in the drop down list, additional fields should be created in this case. Once you add required field to the transaction fields it will become available in the drop down list .

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