Admins with access to approve documents can review all of the documents within the transaction on the documents page, review other information within the transaction without leaving the review process and submit all documents at one time.  Also, admins can now add custom notes if needed and copy multiple participants in the email notification that will be sent to agents when something has been rejected.

4 Key benefits to the new approval process:

  • Batch processing of documents;
  • Improved notifications;
  • Customized emails to agents;
  • Access other documents or transaction information without leaving review process;

In order to review documents please select Approve docs on the left hand panel under To do section, select required transaction and click Review button.

On the left hand side you will see the filter of viewers that should be changed to the "viewer #2" because some PDF files may fail to load properly in "viewer #1". You can also change the document size for better review.

From the right hand side 4 tabs will be available: Review, Info, Contacts and Documents which show general information of the transaction, contacts related to the transaction and additional documents that should be reviewed.

To review the document please make sure you are under Review tab. You can Approve the document or Reject it by clicking appropriate button. If the document should be rejected you need to write the reason why the document is being rejected. You can type your own comment or you can insert already saved template. 

If you do not finish reviewing all of the documents at one time, as soon as you select the "X" it will tell you that review is not finished and will ask you to submit the rest of the documents.

Once all of the documents have been submitted a summary page will be pulled up telling the number of approved and rejected documents.

When you finish the approval process by clicking Submit button you will be taken directly back to the Approve docs tab so you can continue approving the documents from another transactions.
After submitting documents your agent will receive an email with detailed information of the documents approved/rejected.

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