You need to add users to the system so they can access Brokermint account. When adding a new user you will need to set the level of permissions for each user.
In order to add a new user you should navigate to the Users tab under Settings, click Create user. There are also  additional fields, which can be customized under the Fields tab. 

As soon as you have done populating this information, click Next button and you will come to the permissions - this is where you can set the level of access you would like each user to have. 

  • Can see individual pipeline - user can access their individual sales pipeline;
  • Can see company reports - user can access all company reports;
  • Can  access private contacts - user can access contacts that are available only to the person who has added this contact;
  •  Can manage private contacts - user can adjust private contact's information;
  • Can create transactions - allows user to create transactions;
  • Can edit transactions - allows user to edit transactions
  • Can delete transactions - gives user ability to delete transactions;
  • Can cancel transactions - gives user ability to cancel transactions;
  • Can access all company transactions - user has access to all transactions within the company;
  • Can change transaction checklists -  after a checklist has been assigned to a transaction, user has permission to edit/remove items from the list;
  • Can close transactions - if this option is enabled, user can close complete transactions. All items have to be submitted and approved.
  • Can close not approved transactions - if this option is enabled, user can set transaction status as closed for transactions with incomplete items;
  • Can move transactions - user can move transactions between multiple locations (sub accounts) if several offices have been set up within Brokermint account;
  • Can access transaction commissions - user has access to commissions section on the transaction level;
  • Can access account activity - user can access activity log of the company
  • Can access library - user can use forms and e-signature templates;
  • Can manage library - user can create, edit or delete e-signature templates;
  • Can approve documents - user can access "Approve Docs" section where admins can review submitted documents;
  • Can submit transactions for approval - this permission allows users to submit transactions for review. All documents have to be uploaded and/or set as exemptions;
  • Can submit individual documents - allows users to submit individual documents for review;
  • Can manage company settings - user can access company settings section;
  • Can edit company info - gives user ability to change company information;
  • Can manage users - gives user ability to invite other users to the system;
  • Can manage checklist templates - gives user ability to setup checklist templates;
  • Can manage fields - gives user ability to set up fields;
  • Can manage commission plans - gives user ability to setup commission plans;
  • Can manage dashboard - gives user ability to work with dashboard;

If you need to update the level of permissions for the existing user please select the user and navigate to the Permissions section from the right hand side menu under Users tab.

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