Users who have access to the Library have the ability to create e-signature templates that agents can use with in any transaction. They will be able to pull each template as needed to any place on their checklist.
In order to create e-signature templates please navigate to the Library, click the Add folder button and name it, than you can add documents by clicking the Upload document button. 

Once the document is uploaded you will open up the folder, select the document and click Make a template button from the right hand side menu. After that you should enter the roles of people who should complete/sign the form, for example: Buyer or Seller.  Request initiator - is a role which can be left on while creating templates, is whoever sends the Library template out for signature. The Request Initiator can also complete any fields assigned to them before sending out the form to other signers.

The system will auto-populate the email address for the role added to the template from within any transaction. Please make sure the role names, for example buyer/seller under Users and contacts tab match what is in the template created before sending the document for e-signature.
At first you need to add the contact to transaction and give a role (same role used in E-sign template).

After that template should be added by clicking Use forms button from the right hand side menu under Checklists/Documents tabs.

Once you have done entering roles click Next. It is going to explain to you how to create templates. You can select Got it and can begin creating your template. 

You can drag and drop boxes where they need to go. It's going to ask you who needs to sign in this place. The sign date will populate automatically as soon as they have signed the document. In the Textbox you can have it auto populate specific information from the transaction. This information is coming from the actual and additional fields. The additional fields do need to be filled in the order for the information to populate. You can set up additional fields under the Fields tab.

As soon as you complete creating your document go ahead and select Continue and it would change your document to be e-sign template.

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