The process to setup your "Quickbooks" integration is very simple:

  • We connect your "Quickbooks" account with your "Brokermint" account;
  • We will configure using one or more of the below options for Income and Expense tracking;
  • We will demonstrate the integration for you by either closing a transaction (if you have one ready) or we will create a mock transaction which we will close to demonstrate the integration. This way, you will know exactly what you can expect to push to "Quickbooks" when a transaction is closed in "Brokermint".

We will help you select the best option to help you setup the integration:

  1. Single line/ Consolidated tracking: Standard/Default configuration - One line item showing the total $ amount;
  2. Itemized/Detailed tracking: Advanced Configuration- Multiple line items showing detail/breakdown of total $ amount;

Invoice: An invoice is created under Product/Service you specify. The property address is displayed under description memo.

Sales Receipt: A sales receipt is created using the product/service specified. The billing address and "deposit to" are populated. Property address is listed under description and memo.

Deposit: (Advance) A deposit record is created and desired values loaded into received from account, description and memo fields. 

Bill: A bill is created using the account you specify and the property address as the description memo.

Check: A check is created for each contact/user receiving a disbursement (except for your company). The property address is recorded in the description and memo.

Expense: An expense is created using account specified with property address in the description and memo. 

For more information on this please reach out to your designated support representative or send an email to

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